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The Hairloom Group started its business in 1991 in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India With manufacturing and marketing of soft furnishings - namely bedding

The Group is now a new entrant into the trade, but it is backed by third generation expertise in the fabrics trade. Through the Hairloom Group is new, but it has branched from the main company four -Dee international that has been in the export trade since 1969.

Over the years, the group progressively extended its range of activities by embarking upon a program of diversification from garment manufacture into allied business areas. Today, primary areas of activity cover -

Hand stitched Quilts & Accessories
Percale bedlines with coordinates
Window treatment
Kids range of Quilts & Accessories
Textile Weaving
Textile processing.

The soft furnishing division has an established track record of successful execution of key contracts covering sizable orders for various customers . its project management skills have gained repute not only in the Domestic Market , but also in the international markets.

The two manufacturing facilities of the group are located in close proximity of the capital New Delhi - Employ state of the art technologies and equipment, which enables the Group to reach global scales of production. Strong raw material supply base coupled with highly competent manpower provide the two plants a competitive edge in the international markets.

Its international marketing activities keep the Group in close contact with markets aboard. The Group wide network of buyers and associate companies and representative both within and outside the country serves as an excellent source of market information.

The Group employs over 200 people direct and a far larger number indirect in all its facilities. its net worth puts the group in a comfortable and excellent position for any expansion project with various financial leverage available with them.

The Group is on the path of growth as the soft furnishing business is on the rise in U.S.A & European Union. The main product Quilts has became a fashion rather than a necessity in America.

The Group is committed to its buyers in all countries as this products are widely accepted out there. The patch work Quilts through is a tradition in America Homes and HCPL is living upto keeping the tradition going on . Besides being a family run business the Group is also backed by a good of professional.

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Our Vision

"If you can dream it, you can become it,
if you can imagine it, you can achieve it "

Our Mission

"To Provide the Quality work with total customer satisfaction"
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The heirloom Group manufactures Soft Furnishings, but the list is vast. We will also be going into other products at a later stage -

Hand stitched quilts patchwork, applique and solids
Coordinated accessories to compliment the range
Kids crib quilts, cot bumper & bedlinen
Percale bed sheets & pillowcases
Window panels
Kitchen linen
Christmas Accessories
Decorative Pillows
Duvet Covers
Fillers - pillows & cushions with poly-fill
Fabrics greige, yarn dyes, solids and prints
Nightware (Future Plan)
Garments - Menswear & Ladiswear (Future Plan)


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The Heirloom Group production line is totally vertical. From the greige fabric stage, the team takes over and starts the process. From dying of solids, to prints and finally making yarn dyes the production is all in its associated factories.

Due to the major quality constraints in the handicraft business, the Group has taken up the challenge of doing al the steps under its supervision and control. This way there is Total Quality Management (TQM) at all our plants. This is the reason that what the Group commits it sure does deliver at all times.

The industry is mainly hand work and it employees on contract a number of hands that can cover up the production needs of the company.

Besides being a handicraft business, the level of machinery for the final finishing of the merchandise is also very vast. As per the WTO the quota systems are coming to an end in a few years, the Group is committed on staying at the top ! Due to this reason there is major investments in our assets, which will give the Group an edge over its competitors both within the country and in the international market.

The main plant is equipped with the latest machines that enable the Group to turn out an International Quality product.

The investments in the assets washing lines, hydro lines, tumble drying lines, steam pressing lines and a state of the art "Drying Chamber" which is one of the best in the world in the trade.

Quality Assurance is the major step that is taken in the main plant. Every stage of there is a strict QA Control Policy that is followed right from the supervising level to the final person carrying out the same. The Group is working towards getting the ISO Certification in time to come. This is not just a certificate from an agency to certify our plants, but we will use the preparatory steps in attaining the standards that are prevalent in the International Community.

As mentioned earlier we take over from the raw fabrics stage, then once the fabrics are ready as per specifications set up, the cutting and production planning starts. Designs are cut and ready to be issued to our army of Vendors. We have contracted vendors who are committed to working with HCPL. The products are checked at every stage and are taken from step to step in the production process.

Due to the vast area that is covered by Heirloom Collections, the Group has felt that need of setting up its own Logistics Department, which enables the movement of the merchandise from our various locations that are spread over a radius of 450 kms.

The merchandise at any stage does not leave the 'drag net' of Heirloom Collections ! There are watchful eyes at every stage and center we have in our fold. The teams are located at the centers to take care all the QA issues that might be there and to assist the Group in smooth functioning at all times.

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Heirloom Collections (P) Limited is part of a family owned business that started its exports in 1967. The Chairman and Managing Director of HCPL Started this company in 1991. In this short span of 9 years, we have grown to the largest quilt vendors in India.

This growth has only been possible due to the Network Heirloom Collections has and is backed by the most dedicated team in this industry. Heirloom Collections was not made single handed, it is the joint effort of us all. We are committed to providing customers with the highest quality and value for our products. It is our belief that this commitment can best be met through strong relationships that we have with our customers. Our commitment is achieved through ethical practices and we do not deviate from our standards of business conduct.

Product Quality
Since we are only working with USA, we share the commitment our customers have maintaining product quality and also follow operating practices laid down to us by them. This is the only way we feel Heirloom Collections is able to meet the High Quality Standards.

Environmental Standards
We at Heirloom Collections follow the worldwide standards of Law regarding the preservation and protection of the environment we work. Our products are all user friendly and do not have anything that could possibly harm the user. We would also like to confirm a waste management program in our company.

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